Mesilla Photoblog

Yesterday we took advantage of the rain in the morning and cooler temperatures and went back to Mesilla to look at cute shops and architecture. I've decided I want to move here, it borders Las Cruces on the south and is really cute, old and adobe surrounded by pecan orchards and agriculture. Mesilla is famous for being the death place (and hang out) for wild west bandits like Billy the kid.
LOVE the colors.
My man and lady.

The Red Chair. I want to paint a door way like that.

I was charmed by this little house (or by the wall around the house) the next couple pictures are dedicated to it. The orangy walls with the blue washed doors, with tile work and actual perennial plantings. So cute.

The entryway.

Very expensive wholesale outlet. Nambe.

From the historic square.
The Potteries. A little off the beaten path, a little potters studio. They know our friends the Bennions of Spring City. I figure everyone who has made their living throwing pottery probably know eachother.


Josefine's Cafe. I just wanted to go sit and hang out.

Josefine's Gate
Red adobe house.
And adobe courtyard.

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ML said...

I love to go there and walk around. I love the character of the old buildings and the colors. Your photos are really great.