May 26th Garden update

I realized on Saturday after digging around my onions, that I may not have ruined many of my seedlings after all. I found these big honkin' larve. I had seen one once before when I planted my cheater tomato, but after seeing a couple more, I thought that maybe I shouldn't overlook this seeming baby that rolls up when I dig it out of the soil. So I googled it. They are either white grub, japanese beatle, or cockroach larve. Fun huh? Not really, the most likely candidate is white grub. Any of them are bad, especially since they EAT the roots of SEEDLINGS. Yeah, it isn't all my fault. I promptly went online and ordered some organic nematodes (Milky Spore) that seek out and kill these little larve buggers. Watermelon ( I LOVE those leaves), and green beans. They are doing so well, we should be having beans in a couple weeks!
My little seedling tomotoes (that hopefully arn't being eaten at the roots) and my big cheater tomato that I bought at Lowes. Along with some carrots and swiss chard.

The far corner with brussels sprouts, squash, beets (doing great), spinich onions and shallots. What you don't see are the cucumbers (in the shadow) and peppers (peppers got eaten by something and don't exist anymore).


C. said...

Someday when I have a yard and can have a garden, I'm totally going to pay you to come out and get it started for me. I'm so hopeless at those things, but I love the fresh veggies!

becca said...

I love the blog. Thanks for the link to the useful info in the most recent post. If you are ever terribly bored you can come and instruct me on my dirt lot... :0)