Nursery Decor

I've been wanting to post this for a while, but I thought MAYBE I would wait until I actually have the nursery finished. I am hopeless. The nursery isn't finished. Still waiting on a crib, twin bed and comfy chair. They will be there soon, don't you worry. Until then, here are some pictures of things I have made that are up in the nursery. This is my second attempt at a watercolor. Based on the pretty trees by Jellybeans. I am too cheap to actually buy a print, and this got be out of my element and painting!
I found this great bird mobile tutorial at Spool.
They have a great blog and an online store to buy fun fabric. The mobile was the hardest part. I couldn't get little eye screws into the hard honeylocust twigs, and tying the string to the branches caused the birdies to flip upside down.... so I had to hang the birds by the cuff of the neck. IT WORKED! Maja loves the birdies, she even says 'tweet' in her own little way.
The owl in the background was a trial in pastels for another watercolor. Maja liked the pastel one better, even with the scribbles over the birds head.
This green dresser came as-is from Clemens house. I love the green color. I have no intention of repainting it.


Stacy said...

cute! i made those birds for avery's mobile too but i just had to take them down because she could reach them. i think she misses them. :(

Mumsy said...

So cute! They turned out so well. I love the colors. When we were sewing them, I had no idea how they would look stuffed! So bright!

The painting are great, too. I admire you for doing it. Mounting and framing will make them even better!

: )

C. said...

I love that painting!!!