Vaccinations {gasp}

I know this is a sensitive subject. I know even better today, thanks to Facebook. Sigh.

When we were pregnant with little M we researched, but came to no real conclusions. The battle between mandatory vaccinations and vaccinations causing autism and immune disorders was rampant. It still is. Luckily for us we had an amazing pediatrician who wanted US to decide. He provided information, but left it up to us to choose what we wanted to do (I still think he is secretly anti-vaccinations, but I don't have any evidence).

I decided that I was VERY strongly against doing vaccinations at 2 months. Or even in the first year. It doesn't seem right to be pumping such a little body full of foreign toxins. Especially when you can't be sure that they are safe.

I understand why people want vaccinations. It has saved numerous amounts of lives. BUT. If you research the diseases that you are vaccinating for you will find that they are deadly among populations that do not have access to proper nutrition- do to war, post war, famine, poverty circumstances. I understand my MIL's fear of polio, she saw such devastating effects from it in post-war Germany. She also remembers hunger. Real hunger.

I chose to give vaccines, but to take extra precautions. We waited until she was over a year old. We gave her one at a time, and would not give her any if she wasn't in perfect health. For the next one, I may wait even longer.

It frustrates me that people don't research things for themselves. When they believe that non-vaccinated children get vaccinated children sick(????). And when they believe that the link between autism and neurological disorders and tainted vaccines have no connection. I blame the propaganda fed by corporate news organizations who are in cohoots with the big pharmaceuticals.

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What do YOU think?

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Bethany and Shanam said...

Hiya :) Thanks so much for posting on my facebook and getting the facts out there. It's always so interesting to see how people react to such a hot topic...I just shake my head and laugh...because, as you know, everyone has there own opinions about it :) We haven't really come to any hard conclusions yet, but we'll probably do something very similar to you. Shanam only got a couple vaccinations and it wasn't until he was about 5. I believe the best disease prevention for children is a healthy nutritious diet and lifestyle that starts even before conception. Hopefully I've done that well enough :) Thanks again for being willing to face the topic head on.