I'm afraid I failed my heirloom tomatoes.

When I left for Utah two weeks ago the weather was in the high 70's. When I returned it was in the 90's. I'm afraid the little tiny tomato starts just couldn't handle the change without me there to ensure they got the proper hydration. Now we may only have stripped cherry tomatoes and a red 'Atkinson' tomato. I'm sorry.

I did have some seeds starting on top of my fridge when I left. To my surprise they were super long and leggy when I returned. I've tried transplanting, but transplanting super long, leggy seedlings into 96 degree days with scorching sun just doesn't work sometimes. I've lost two already. Sadly we might not get to try 'Great White' tomatoes this year. I may even have to cheat and pick up a little tomato from the nursery when I am out this week.

Part of me feels like a complete failure. A horticultural phony.

But then again, I will have lots of beans (soon to flower), beets, carrots, lettuce (if the heat doesn't kill it), spinich (ditto) and HOPEFULLY squash, cucumber and watermelon.

I think I should have foregone the frost date and planted in February...

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Amanda said...

This is a rotten year for everyone I know growing things. Erika killed her peppers today, I killed my tomatoes and peppers last week, and now you. We're not phonies, just learning new lessons. I'm so sorry. I've already hit the nursery.