My step-brother and sister-in-law just moved from Hawaii to Utah to Washington (in the short space of 4 months) and along the way they have drastically downsized. You kind of have to downsize moving off the island, then they downsized even more on their move to Washington. They fit their entire life into a sedan. Granted it was packed... to the brim, still deserves kudos. They then moved into a studio apartment that they are dressing up so cute! Their move to the Pacific Northwest made me want to get rid of all of our possessions and move into a tiny apartment too. Then I began thinking, well, with 2 babies, we might just want to get a one bedroom, because you DO need somewhere quite to put the babies down to sleep, if you ever want to get anything done during nap time, or after 7 pm. So the bedroom becomes a baby room and the rest of the apartment becomes like a studio apartment, then I could get a cute room divider and make us a bed area separate from the living area.... mmmm.

I like the idea so much!


Amanda said...

I love the idea of minimalism, but I am SOOO bad at it. I try and fail and then buy more stuff. I have dreams of an open minimal stuff home - the Ikea small home, but I was raised American and that is more difficult to overcome than I thought it would be.

Brandi said...

Do it! You wont regret it. At some point you don't own your things, your things own you. I love all the layout ideas you found too! Such a good idea to put a bookshelf type thing at the end of the bed to separate the 'rooms'. We miss you guys!!