This year I ordered heirloom tomato seeds from Baker Creek, I had them all started and they looked great. I was going to plant them in the garden next week, so I started hardening them off, by letting them be outdoors for a couple hours a day. Sadly, I forgot about them one day and they got sunburnt.... a few are recovering, but I think I lost most of them. Hopefully our summer will be long enough for me to start some more and have them actually produce! The peppers, on the other hand, didn't burn, they loved the sun. Purple bell peppers

We had to do some minor work on the garden at the house we are renting here in Las Cruces. It had good bones- even a drip system, but it needed better soil, and a major rehaul on the drip system, half the drippers were non-functional.

We had some 2 x 8's cut to fit and doubled up on the nasty round wood edgers that were there. Instead of buying a drill, we staked them in place. I put in new drip line and drippers, then we made square foot soil using compost, peat moss, and vermiculite. We already have some onions, lettuce and spinich peaking their little noggins out! Next week is our last frost free day, but I have already seeded everything I am going to seed, I just have to wait until next week to plant my peppers, and see if any of my tomatoes will make it!


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