i want, I want, I want... to learn

Things I want to learn to do (in no particular order):

  1. quilt
  2. knit
  3. embroidery
  4. can tomatoes
  5. lacto-ferment stuff
  6. spin yarn
  7. raise chickens
  8. milk cows
  9. no-till agriculture
  10. build stuff with wood
  11. enjoy everyday
  12. make time to really meditate
  13. pluck chickens... or do I?
  14. teach classes
  15. keep my kitchen clean
  16. use herbs
  17. have a root cellar
  18. water harvesting (grey water and rain water)


Amanda said...

YAR. That means You Are Rad. I think you're pretty cool and i want to learn a bunch of that stuff too, but only the ones I know what they are.

Bethany said...

Looks very similar to my list :)It's fun to see how we enjoy the same things...too bad it took a blog to bring us together and we didn't figure that out when we still lived in the same state :)