This has taken me a while to figure out, but after my pregnancies, it has been confirmed that I don't like perfume.

All my life (teen to adult- since I am an adult now!) I have tried to find fragrances that I like, that don't change and become musky nasty potions on my skin after an hour. I searched high and low, and there have only been 2 that I have liked, and you can't really call them perfume. Usually sticky sweet light smells. One was in high school and the other I found in Brazil.

When I was pregnant with little M I discovered I couldn't handle the smell of any sweet lotion (i.e. bath and body works about drove me to the toilet). When I had to go in to exchange something, all I could come out with was a naturally scented lemon body wash and a peppermint lotion. I couldn't even use my Brazilian Nut Butter lotion. So sad... I haven't been able to use it since.

I still LOVE essential oils, and pregnancy has expanded my repertoire. Clary Sage is now a grounding favorite of mine.

I have a really hard time with perfume and fragrance in anything now. It is kind of sad, but kind of refreshing to finally admit. I don't like perfume.


Mumsy said...

I noticed this when you tried on my knit black dress and you said it smelled like my perfume .....that I had used a couple of weeks before at home. Your nose is very sensitive. Do you react that way to food smells, too....like cooking a meat? Grandma won't eat lamb because when she was pregnant with Terry, Grandma Adair would cook lamb and the smell sickened Grandma. Grandpa just the other day at the grocery store said how sad it has been for him that Grandma won't eat or cook lamb...therefore he doesn't eat lamb. Her sensitive nose!!!

Mumsy said...

Actually, it was a body lotion that you smelled on my dress......