My own style

Since my last post I have been thinking of my own style... Because I really can't conform to what other people wear. I may adore their style, but it isn't necessarily me. In looking at clothes, specifically for a next summer family reunion in Spain. I wanted to find things that I could pull off. That I could pull off internationally ;)

Adorable shirt from Anthropologie (I would have to replicate with a floral shirt and sash- Still can't afford Anthro...)

Roll up Capris from Ruche. $24

Adorable asymetrical button jacket from Ruche. (You all know I love buttons that don't go down the center) $119

Amazing yellow Ranger jacket from Athleta. $168

Pretty blue skirt from Ruche $24

AMAZING velcro boots from Tom's Shoes. $98

Now, many of you will say, "but you don't spend money on clothes!", and that is true. That is why I am planning ahead. So I can find affordable knockoffs for what I can't afford, or convince my loving husband that the boots are subversive and different enough to splurge on!

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