Embracing the Now

Nesting has hit me. A nagging feeling of needed permanence has led me to searching for homes here and abroad. I want my own place, desperately. Painting, organizing and gardening are high priorities that I can't do very much of where we are. Don't ask me if it is being pregnant or just not knowing what the future will bring. It is probably both.

I found a cute cabin in Provo Canyon that we even looked into buying, but without down payment assistance (we can't get it because we don't live in Utah...) we can't afford it. We found a cute home here in Las Cruces, but we just applied to jobs in Utah...

Since I can do nothing about these feelings right now I have decided to embrace where I am. I am ordering business cards that can serve me wherever I live, and I am going to learn as much about this climate and plants as I can. I am working on a Landscape Design for my friend Jenny, who, with her husband is closing on a new house this month.

Each week I am going to highlight a beautiful plant that grows here in Las Cruces. Las Cruces is in the Chihuahuan Desert, it is high altitude (about 4400 ft) and a zone 7. It is extremely dry, but has beautiful Rio Grand River Valley's.

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Mumsy said...

agree with your new mantra. embrace where you are. embrace those you love. embrace the good times. hey, embrace is good all around!