Father's Day Goodies

For Father's Day I made Clemens some treats. The first two are wall treats. I made him a print of his favorite quote, poster sized and framed it. (Though I did break the glass on the frame as soon as I got it home! Sad day.)

The second treat was a cookie jar. My husband is lovingly refered to as the cookie monster. He LOVES treats. With the weather getting humid, in addition to the swamp cooler, he needed a place to store his treats. I love these old cracker jars, this is a new one, but was just about as expensive as the ones at the antique store.

The third treat, another wall treat is in our bedroom. I found this print at vintageprints.com, there you can download a number of amazing, high quality antique posters to print off yourself. This one reminded me of our marriage trip.

This is just a cute picture of another project. I made these pillows from a fabulous vintage sheet I found at goodwill. The sheet was also made into a wall hanging and will be soon made into a cribskirt. Maja had just gotten out of the bath and wanted to cuddle with the pillows.

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ML said...

You are so creative and thoughtful. I always have the worst time thinking up things to give my hubby. I also really like the pillows. My sister recently found some vintage 70's bedsheets and turned them into lounge pants. Your pillos are so cute, especially with the cute little girl laying on top of them.