Beehive Bazaar

Okay, we are almost back to normal after our trip to Utah. Maja is feeling much better, I am currently eating raw red pepper to ward off the tickle in my throat (3 x as much vitamin C as an orange, in case you wanted to know).
The Beehive Bazaar was held the April 30th to May 2nd in Provo. I hadn't known it was in town, but for Stacy's posting on it while I was there. The last day of the show I went as soon as Maja went down for a nap at Omi's house. I hadn't known it started at 10, so with the rain that morning I was the first one there. (p.s. I LOVED the rain, I miss it so) Here are some of my favorite things.

Adorable childrens artwork, I loved the elephant and bunny. BY Sara Jane Studios

Collage paintings by the Winborg Sisters' Design.

Felt mobiles. Fragile, but GREAT idea. By liesle

I want one of these giant crocheted stuffed animal frogs.

This display made me laugh out loud! I love the hand painted 80's television icons. (Yes, alf is an icon). This and the amazing green crocheted frogs by Emily Sparks

These belts reminded me of my Brother-In-Law Chris, and his brother Steve.
I could see them both wearing one. By fullgive.

I adored Isabels Umbrella, her drawings (made into prints, pins, AND pillows) were adorable. My favorite was the little felt sparrow in the shadow box (below).

Maja loves things that hang, that sparkle and that are colorful, so the stained glass flowers and birds, I know, would be a big hit with her. By Crimson Digit
I thought my Sister-In-Law Julia would like these art belts. They are original artwork made into enamel belts. By Sleepictures

This was probably my favorite thing of the show, I have a thing for quality bags. These were adorable printed canvas that looked tea-dyed. Big, roomy and oh-so-fun. By Elsa Bags
The next Beehive Bazaar should be around the first week in December, so if you are in Utah Valley, you should DEFINITLY stop by.

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