Dreams and Dirt

Ooo, there are a great many things I want to do! A lot of this was spurred by a trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday. Clemens wanted to celebrate finishing the editing on his book. (Can you tell we don't get out much?) I found a great magazine called Mary Jane's Farm, it is all about becoming a farmgirl. Really cute magazine. In it I read about some other things that I had to research.

The major one is a book called "Food not Lawns", I love the idea of having a backyard homestead. Since it may be quite a while for me to aquire acrage to have livestock, I want to have chickens and a huge vegetable garden. Fresh eggs sound delicious. I want to grow enough food for my family and to give (or sell eventually) to all of my neighbors.
Mother Earth News Magazine is by far my favorite magazine right now. So much so, that Clemens got me a subscriptions for my birthday. It talks all about growing food, raising food, natural energy, and sustainable home building/living. Did I mention it talks about raising animals- like chickens, oh yes.
Until then, here is an update on my little garden. I think that my garden has loved that the night time temperatures have jumped from the mid 30's to the mid 50's. It is doing wonders for my germination rates.
This little snap bean grew from just germinating and above the ground this morning, to THIS this evening!
The shady area of my garden, until summer is in full swing, it has onions, little spinich that are getting their true leaves, and the lettuces. Not pictured are the brussels sprouts, bell peppers and beets.
This is a scallop squash, it sprouted this week too!
My onions are going CRAZY!

THERE IS HOPE YET! That I may get tomatoes this year! My two striped cherry tomatoes have sprouted, along with the yellow brandywines and a great white! I am so excited!

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Mumsy said...

ooooo, brussel sprouts! Grandpa loves them......had some with his dinner last night! Great job, Sue....your garden is growing!