Face Foreward

Since my mission to Brazil, I haven't been that much on the makeup bandwagon. (Something about walking around in the hot Brazillian sun with makeup streaming down my face really turned me off.) Luckily, when I got home my wonderful Grandmother made sure I had her new (at the time) favorite product. BareMinerals. I have to tell you, that it quickly became my favorite too. I like natural things. I like being able to wear as much or as little makeup as I want and not feel like it is out of place.
For Christmas 2007 my wonderful Grandmother gave us girls an adendum to our lines. It was a four pack of powder, "well rested", eyeliner, and shadow. Since I already had a new powder, I traded it in at Nordstroms for a new blush "Trudy" (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!). Since Maja was born, I have come to greatly appreciate the yellow powder of "well rested". At first I was skeptical, it was a little too yellow for me. BUT NOW! I use it on my eyelids, under my eyes, and sometimes when I'm on a makeup with no makeup look days, I use it on the malasma stripes on my face. It is a wonder. I love it.
Another plug. Emani eyeshadows. Fabulous, natural, amazing.

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