Urban Chic Landscape Design

Landscape Design Services and Fees

Landscape Design specializing in:
v Expanding intimate spaces from the house to the Grounds
v Creating appealing entryways for home and business
v Seasonal planning for special events

Landscape Design Services Include:

1. Site and Customer Visit. To ensure we know who you are, your style and what you want out of your space, we will meet with you for an hour. A great preparation would be to collect picture cut outs from magazines or tabbed books that show the style of garden that most appeals to you. Also, if you have a plot plan (map of how your house sits on the property) from your contractor or original homeowner, that will greatly help as we design your yard. We will then measure out the dimensions of your property for a scale drawing. Down payment, or consultation fee (if other design services will not be required) is due at this time.

2. Preliminary Plan. With all the ideas we gather during the first visit, our designer will then create a design plan that we believe incorporates your desires for your yard with plants and materials that suit the heat zone and climate. We will meet again with you to present this plan and make changes so that it fits exactly what you want. Questions will be answered.

3. Nursery Consultation. Either the day we present the preliminary plan, or before the master plan is complete we will meet with you at your local nursery to show you examples of some of the plants that we picked out, and you can have the opportunity to find more plants that you might like to add to your design!

4. Master Plan Review. After our consultations, we will draft the master plan to your landscape; this will include a planting plan and any other supporting documentation that is deemed necessary for the project. Final payment is due before master plan is left.

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